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Orabi & Hana Dear Arablounge,

Hana and I met on your site 1 year ago, and we are pleased to announce that we will be getting married in June '09. This would not have been possible without you guys, especially since she's from Miami and I am from Toronto.

Thanks again,


Orabi Abouali

mkarimny & malakwissa Dear Arablounge,

So at first they're non-believers and skeptical. And then something magical happened. She starts first with an email to him which he doesn't check for a few months. Then he responds to which her heart skips a beat..totally unexpected. She chats, he chats, after one month laughter and video conferences they meet on one blessed day on June 30th 2009. They're lives change forever!!

He asks for her hand July 1st 2009, and we were married November 21st 2009. And they lived happier ever after....The end!!!

That's our love story...will yours be next?

P.S. Stay tuned for any new developments!!!

Marie Evelyn

rayray_london & deemdim I found my husband on this website over two years ago, we travelled to meet one another fell in love and arranged our wedding.

We got married April 8th 2008 on my birthday and only just held a huge wedding party in Turkey for all our family and friends.

Thank you ArabLounge


myamya & he forgot his!!!!! I couldn't Sleep one night back in June 2010, so I decided to check my messages on AL...not even 5 minutes later, I was chatting with my one and only! Who knew when you least expect it Cupid strikes!!!!!We're both Moroccans but He is from Chicago and I am from New Jersey. We would have never met if it wasn't for you guys. We got married on November 7 2010 and we couldn't be happier! I'm so pleased to have taken a chance on your site, it has changed my life and brought me the happiness I was dreaming of! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU:)


Soumya and Zouhair

Soumya Omari

alprincessa22 & fadypal HI this is Randa I remember my (ARAB LOUNGE)profile was Mentioning six qualities about finding the man of my Dreams and finally I have found them in someone here through this site (ARAB LOUNGE)

i thank you for discovering (ARAB LOUNGE) To me and many others its the most safest,trustworthy dating site around ... It toke me five month to find the right one it might take less to others might more,but in the end you will find your true love you will be surprised how much there are g ood people inside out on this Site , I found mine he lives all the way in the Us New-jersey I live In Canada Vancouver , His Name Fady He is caring and sweet respectful and a successful cultured,educated Man and lets not forget hes Hot enough to me This person exactly what I'm looking for , You also can find what your looking for because you will feel that's your soul mate even though it's through the glass of your PC ,,, Arab Lounge Team:I would like to tell you that my soul mate was found on this site i thank you and now we are married the American way and soon The Arabic Way In the Capital City of Lebanon,Beirut I will update you with more pictures Thank you with many happy tears in my eyes great memories

Randa Alamiri

UrbanArab & LebaneseSista84 After doing a random search, I came across her profile. I saw that she was online and sent her an instant message. We ended up chatting for hours and felt a connection immediately. We chatted online for a few more weeks and then traded phone numbers. After that, it was only a couple weeks before we decided to meet. We have been happily together ever since, which is over one year later now. We hope to get married soon, as we are madly in love with one another. I guess, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me find someone so special. Someone, I know I will love until the day I die.

Khalil Saman

soffi & bsawm20 i meet him the 07-17-2010 here on the side and now get married in dec, 12/26-2010 and we are live togther in Florida thanks so much for let know him....


jojo2585 & hey_all I met the love of my life about a month ago on AL and he is perfect for me and everything I was looking for in man. I fell in love with him so fast he is just such a sweetheart. So in 1 month as crazy as it sounds we got engaged, got married, and are moving in together next month. I guess November is our lucky month lol. Anyway he is from NY Brooklyn and I'm from Landing a small town in Jersey who would of guessed? Not me lol.


sohni1216 & Atractive85 One of my Falastinian friends continuously pestered me to make a profile here at Arablounge.

My initial experiences with ArabLounge have not been very rewarding. I was ready to delete my profile when I received an email on 9/11/10 regarding new profiles of men in search of women, I was ready to delete the email without even opening it. But something told me to open it. And when I did, I was so taken with Atractive85's profile that I had to view it and I sent him a flirt. I immediately felt shy about sending it and wished I could take it back. A short while later I received a flirt back from him. These flirts continued for 5 days. Finally, we were able to talk on the 6th day. We talked over 6 hrs that day and the next as well. I found him to be a true gentleman. On the 3rd day of talking, 9/19/10, Ali asked me to marry him and I accepted. We knew we had found our one true love in each other. After 8 months of talking online, I took my vacation to fly from Florida, USA to Egypt to meet and marry Ali. We finally married May 11, 2011 and have found each other to be more than what we expected.

Thank you ArabLounge

Zainab Walker

Souha & Nedal Thank you AL for helping us meet! We married last year and are so happy. We first met on AL when Nedal sent me an email. We chatted a few times, eventually talked on the phone and then finally met in person. He is such a wonderful man, and we have so much in common. The big joke I have with my family is that AL was a better matchmaker than my mother!

Thanks again for giving us a chance to meet!

Forever grateful!

Souha & Nedal

Yamila & Ahmed Hello Staff,

My name is Yamila and I have met the Arab man of my dreams. His name is Ahmed and he is my best friend and now fiancée =) We met earlier this year on AL and we are so happy to have crossed paths.

I'm sharing this b/c I know that many are skeptical of AL and online dating in general. I know, I was one of them...I met a few interesting guys on the site over the first few months but there was never that spark. Until I met Ahmed that is =) Have faith everyone...Allah willing the "one" out there. My prayers were answered and I know yours will too!

Thanks for the chance to fall in love AL!


Sarab So we are expecting our first born thanks to Thank you sooooooo very much for offering such a great service for Arabs worldwide. I will be sure to send you pictures of the little one soon! Thanks again!


Samia & Ramez Dear ArabLounge, truly was an amazing experience. After so many helpless & hopeless 'hook ups' of aunts & uncles or friends & cousins who know someone who knows someone...we found each other on!

I often wondered if my counterpart existed. Someone who was born & raised with the same culture, traditions, & values that I was raised believing and trusting...someone who wanted to uphold and respect the expectation set by our Parents & Grandparents but wanted autonomy and the ability to 'find' that person on our own...on our own accord. Someone who understood my contemporary & traditional personality and characteristics...

I saw his picture on a profile and he was wearing a t-shirt that said, 'Define Girlfriend.' I laughed hysterically & thought it was brilliant; so I e-mailed him. He e-mailed me back with his phone number and the rest is history. I was destined to be with this man for the rest of my life...and he felt the same way.

Attached you will find a picture of Samia & Ramez. We are strong advocates for your site and have convinced our cousins & siblings to post their profiles--it really can happen and we're living proof.

WE LOVE ARABLOUNGE.COM. It helped us find each other — THANK YOU.

Warmest Regards,

Samia & Ramez

Ahmad & Ellie I met Ahmad_1982_2007 on arablounge. I travelled to Jordan and married him a week ago, and just arrived back in Australia today...I never throught this was possible...but it is..THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.


Ania_UK & Hippo Dear Arab Lounge,

It was 3 years ago when I met Ibrahim at ArabLounge. Since than many things have changed. Two weeks ago we celebrated our first marrage anniversary and in July we are expecting our first baby son to come to this world. But back in time 3 years I would not have believed that this could happen. He Lebanense working and living in Beirut, I European working and living in London. Story of our love and relations proves that nothing is impossible and real love is able to overcome all the obstacles. I want to say thank you to ArabLounge and give hope to all of those who search for real love please do not give up- everything is possible! Anna

Anna Tomczak I met this amazing guy all thanks to Arab Lounge if it wasnt for this website I would have never met the man in my life right now. We have plans got get married next summer.

chaldeanbarbie Thanks Arab Lounge, I met the best person in my entire life and we are really happy. Thx again

the_moon_light_26 I thank you because u gave me the chance to meet a special man I was always dreaming of.

legal_consultant We met on arab lounge a few months ago and since then it's been absolutely magical. We are so right for each other it's kind of unbelievable. I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me. Thank you so much for your service, we would have never met if it wasn't for you guys. We'll be getting married in March, and we will be sure to send you a few photos from our wedding. Good luck to everyone on this site :)

Golam Mahi I met someone very special on this site I dont need it anymore. Thank you.

skyrose Thanks for ur help. I already found my match. He is a special wonderful man. Thanks again. I'm really lucky.

love4ever_Montreal bu3ali & saby2001 i truly found the true love of my life thank you arablounge

louis adm612 & cutecat We met at the time when I felt I am reaching the end of my robe searcing for that special one. Then suddenly there she was standing out of all the crowds with a great smile on her beautiful face, saying yes, I am the one you've been looking for. We talked and exchanged stories and thoughts. We are compatible in every way and exceed each other's expectations of our life partener. We experienced love at first letter :). We are now engaged and getting married Insha Allah in October 2010.

Best of luck for all those that have not found their match yet, but just keep on looking. This is real and works. As my love always says " if there is a will, there is a way". Just know what you want and you will find it insha Allah.

Ayman and Dora

Ayman I met an amazing guy on Arab Lounge, he lives in california and i live in london though! were gonna meet and see how it goes. I really didnt think there was anyone i would like,, but thank you- it really goes to show that there is someone for everyone!

miss_perfect I met the man of my life through here and i thank u ArabLounge for this and I hope it works out for me.


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