To understand the behavior of Arab men is as complex and varied as understanding the behavior of any man. Some of the key factors are religion and family. The Arab man is no different.



Understand his relationship to his family. For the Arab man, family considered more important than his individual identity and has more influence than his community, church or country.


Arab men vary widely in terms of identifying a singular gender specific role or characteristic for any one group. On average, to understand an Arab man you should understand his family and then his father. However, it is also important to understand that factors such as country of origin, external cultural influences may have changed the family dynamic and also determine how an Arab man will define himself and his role within his family.


Dating an Arab man could help you to gain a more personal understanding. Rather than judging by generalizations and stereotype. However, Arab men may vary, depending on everything from level of education and wealth, to personal attitude and social training. Consider areas like importance of family, role of women and men in the home, child raising, sex and marriage.

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