Arab women are sweet and charming which you usually don't see in other western girls. Most of Arab women are usually petite and skinny with a unique skin tone. The most important characteristic in the Arab women is their honesty and faithfulness. Most of Arab women are shy in public, and hide their feelings, especially when talking to a man. You will notice that they don't disclose all their feeling when talking to them. Arab girls are very respectful of others and friendly, the shyness and non-disclosure of their feelings does not mean otherwise. The Arab women will start opening up to you and share her feelings with you after getting to know you well. This is the custom that they have from their mothers and grandmothers. Even after marriage, some Arab women stay shay to their husbands. Some Arab ladies prefer their husband to lead the family. It is said that Arab mothers take the best care of their children. Arab mother in the western world work full time, cook meals for the family, do laundry, kitchen and still make time for her family. Arabic women have a golden heart, royal, and faithful to their family. Arab woman after she gets married, she never thinks of other men, instead she focuses on the man she fell in love with and put all her energy in raising their children. When Arab women come to America or other western country, they keep their traditions. That is, they respect their elders, respect their husband, and their husbands family. If you like an Arab girl then you should pay attention to her family, especially her parents. Their approval is most important in your relationship.

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